increase the resale value of your car

Spending money on car repairs can seem like a waste of money especially when there are no visible changes to show for it. But don’t give up on it just yet! If kept in good condition, your car could sell for hundreds or thousands more when you finally decide to want a change. So, yes, sometimes you have to spend money to make more!

Various factors determine your car’s resale value. You can do very little about some of them like age and market conditions. But for others like its maintenance and record-keeping, you have some bit of control of, and this is what you should focus on.

Here are five simple tips to increase the resale value of your car in readiness for a more profitable deal.

Looks matter

While most used car value calculators do not consider the physical appearance of your car, it doesn’t mean it’s unimportant. Remember, the first impression can make or kill a deal, so you want to ensure your car looks great!

For starters, take care of your car’s interior and exterior by erasing visible scratches and replacing worn-out seat fabrics. Also, wax it regularly to protect the paint and park in secure and well-spaced places where damage is less likely to happen.

Another important part you can’t afford to ignore are the headlights. Ensure that they’re working perfectly and remove any haziness using the simple method we explained here earlier. Finally, fix any windshield chips and cracks as these make your vehicle appear older that it actually is.

Doing these minor repairs will save you needless questions and price negotiations from potential buyers.

Get your car checked by a professional mechanic

Another effective way to increase the resale value of your car is by having a reputable expert evaluate and give it a clean bill of health. This assures the prospective buyer that they are getting a vehicle in pristine condition and worth the quoted price.

Besides, having your car serviced at an authorized garage means you have quick access to printouts of your service history should a buyer ask for them.

Be sure to have all the documentation ready

This may sound like a no-brainer, but you need to have the right documents to increase the resale value of your car and credibility. Remember, if the vehicle has a debt, the bank holds the car title until the entire balance is settled. This process could run for several weeks, and not many prospective buyers will be patient enough to wait.

Some of the vital documents you must keep up-to-date include the registration document, certificate of pollution, and a no-objection certificate from your bank. Having comprehensive insurance can also provide a significant boost to the resale value of your car.

Observe standard maintenance guidelines

The idea here is to keep your car in top shape by conducting regular check-ups, tune-ups and servicing. Additionally, be sure to follow your manufacturer’s service guidelines to ensure problems are spotted early and fixed before they can get out of hand.

Pro tip: Keep all the receipts to serve as proof for any potential buyer who wants to know if the specified schedule was followed.

There are also plenty of DIY repairs that can significantly improve the resale value of your car including;

  • Changing oil regularly to optimize the performance of your engine
  • Checking your spark plugs every 30k miles for wear and tear
  • Changing all essential fluids as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. These include brake fluid, coolant, transmission oil, and steering fluid.

Also, pressure wash your car often as dirt tends to eat up paint. On the interior, clean all the mats and replace those that look shabby. Having your own cleaning products as well as a good sponge and brush will go a long way in keeping every area of your car spotless.

Finally, don’t forget to remove all unwanted stuff such as cigarette buds and empty bottles. You want to relay the best possible impression to the buyer, remember?

Get the best value for your car

The coronavirus pandemic has seen millions of people take a big hit financially due to the reduced commercial activities and job losses. As a result, the demand for used cars has grown tremendously as new ones get out of reach for many.

If you’re considering selling your used car, we highly recommend you implement the tips we’ve shared here to get the highest value possible. You don’t have to do anything extraordinary or expensive. In a nutshell, you need to take good care of the car and follow the maintenance guidelines provided by the manufacturer or a certified mechanic.

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