buying a car during the coronavirus outbreak

The world is going through unprecedented times, thanks to the novel coronavirus that’s wreaking havoc everywhere across the globe. But some people still need a car. This simple guide has all the information you need if you’re looking to buy a car during this pandemic.

Do your homework

This doesn’t just apply now but every time you’re in the market for a car. Start by choosing the kind of vehicle you want, whether that’s an SUV, truck, van, or a small car. You can visit multiple automaker websites to window shop and get a clearer idea of the right type of vehicle you need. This allows you to assess various options instead of limiting yourself to what specific dealers offer.

After selecting your preferred model and make, the next step entails checking user ratings from third-party evaluators. Consumer Reports is a great place to visit if you’re looking for opinions of verified car owners and experts. Some of the critical car details you should be looking to know here are trouble spots, braking, resale value, and crash test scores.

The idea is to ensure your selected car checks all or at least the majority of these boxes before spending your hard-earned money on it. You don’t want to throw away money especially during these challenging times when resources are scarcer.

Embrace remote buying & vet the dealership’s cleanliness

Most dealers are now encouraging car buyers to complete transactions online in line with the recommended social distancing measures. Some have even gone on to launch remote car buying platforms to help you make purchases remotely without leaving the comfort of your home.

All you need to understand is how the virtual process works and how much of the process you can complete online. For instance, if you want to negotiate for a better deal, can you do it effectively online?

If you’d rather visit the dealership on premises, be sure to call them and ask them what processes have they implemented in order to fight the spread of covid.

For example, here at Motors On Wheels, we use glass shields between sales & customers, enforce masks on all employees, enforce masks on all customers, sanitize after every transaction, do an employee check daily for any signs of sickness and practice general cleanliness & hygiene guidelines. That’s in addition to many other procedures.

How about test drives?

A lot of car dealerships are now allowing unaccompanied test drives, again for purposes of social distancing. This means taking the car for a test drive without being accompanied by a sales advisor on the condition you have a valid driving license and proper identification documents.

Most of these unaccompanied test drives are also subject to specific guidelines and insurance conditions, so it’s essential to consult the dealership to know what you’re getting into. While at it, ensure that the dealership does thorough cleaning and sanitizing of cars before loaning them out for test drives.

Can you buy your car without taking it for a test drive? Yes! But if you choose to do this, then here’s our advice to you:

For starters, go for a dealership that offers video calls and tours. These services are meant to give you a walk around the car you’re planning to buy. The goal is to provide you with all the essential details you need while also answering any questions you might have concerning the car.

You can also watch video reviews to find out what other people are saying about the car and the services provided by the dealership.

Will there be delays in delivering my car?

The current pandemic has slowed down a lot of things, and this includes shipping of goods and even service provision. As such, do not be surprised to see your newly purchased car taking a little longer to reach you. This is mainly due to the changing company logistics and the extra precautions implemented by dealerships during this time.

To avoid frustrations, use a dealership that guarantees to offer timely updates on when you can expect to have the car shipped to you. You can also consider buying a car that’s already in stock at the dealership if you’d like it delivered to you quickly.

Buying a used car during the pandemic

Due to the restriction of movement and closure of businesses caused by COVID-19, millions of people are out of work. The most logical option for these people is to downsize, including disposing of their cars. The resulting influx of used vehicles has seen prices drop by 1.7% in the past few months. But with the economy gradually opening up, expect prices to begin correcting themselves and going back to normal soon.

Also, with more people now preferring buying used cars to new ones, dealerships will be trying to restock the supply of popular used cars to meet this growing demand.

What are the available financing options?

If you’re like most people whose income has been adversely affected by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, chances are you’re thinking twice before paying for the car in full. Before you decide to buy a car, be sure to weigh your current capacity and ability to pay for it in full or whether to finance it finance it. Call us to see how you can get a good deal based on your current situation.

Drive your dream car today!

Like most other things, COVID-19 has changed how people buy cars mainly due to social distancing measures and the decreasing income levels. But that is bound to change soon with the economy opening in some parts of the country and more people resuming work.

If you’re looking to buy a used car during this pandemic, we have tens of high-quality and thoroughly examined vehicles to choose from. We use stringent safety protocols to reduce the chance of any contagion. We serve clients all over the country and have been in business for more than a decade. Call us now on 713-660-8666 or fill out this quick contact form and we’ll get back as soon as possible with an unbeatable offer. Coronavirus doesn’t have to stop you from driving the car of your dreams!