buying a used Ram Promaster cargo van

Planning to buy a used Ram Promaster cargo van but don’t know what to look for to ensure you get the best deal? This post is for you!

RAM released the first generation of Promaster Cargo vans in 2013 and therefore it’s unlikely you’ll find a severely beaten up van. Even then, you can’t assume anything which is why you should ask yourself the following five questions before completing that transfer.

What is the state of the engine?

As with any other vehicle, the engine is Promaster’s most expensive part. This means you must be very cautious with it when buying a used van. Some of the critical checks to give priority here include;

  • Oil leakages in the oil compartment. A little oil is acceptable with used vans due to the aging engine.
  • Listen to how the engine sounds when the van starts and runs. The engine should be vibration-free without any ticks, clicks, or nocks.
  • Check whether there’s any indication of a leak on the head gasket. The formation of a thick white substance in the oil cap is a sign of a leaky head gasket, which is red-flag.
  • Check whether the engine fluids are of the right color and at the required level.

Does it come with extras?

Decide if there are things about the van you can’t do without. Does it come with any modern and safety measures such as an advanced airbag system or a stability control system? For instance, the 2019 Promaster Cargo Van is equipped with high tech features such as a navigation system, a touchscreen, and numerous connectivity options.

If you’re using the van as a second office, how about you ensure it has an onboard internet connection? This could also help with keeping track of your cargo and deliveries if you’re looking to use your van for business.

Can I take it for a test drive and inspection?

Here at Motor on Wheels, we recommend that before buying any used vehicle, you should first inspect it thoroughly and preferably take it on a test drive. Purchasing a van that has been well maintained will save you lots of money on maintenance costs.

Wherever possible, hire a professional mechanic to perform the inspection to spot important issues you may easily overlook. But if you can’t afford to pay one or don’t have access to someone you trust, the following are vital aspects to look into;

  • Test the brakes to see if they’re working correctly and if they are safe enough.
  • The brand and durability of the tires. They should have a firm grip that provides good rolling resistance.
  • Electrical health. The lights should not flicker or dim unevenly.
  • Air conditioning. The fan should function properly at all conditions.
  • The general bodywork of the van. The doors should close properly. Look out for uneven panels, signs of a significant repair, and excess rust.

Should I buy from a private seller or a second-hand van dealership?

The decision on where to buy a used Ram Promaster cargo van all depends on how much you are willing to spend and the variety of options available. The idea is to buy the best van available without going over your budget.

The Ram Promaster is one of the most affordable cargo vans available on the market. Maintenance costs are also quite low compared to those of its equivalents as most parts can be located easily. However, finding a variety of models to choose from can be difficult because these vehicles have not been in the market for a long time.

A used car dealership will have a variety of options, but prices could be slightly higher compared to getting it from a private seller. But the best part about buying your van from a dealership is that you enjoy more protection should something go wrong.

Whatever option you choose, ensure that the sale is legitimate by checking and verifying all the necessary documents. The paperwork should include a logbook, the van’s service history, and the MOT certificate.

What are my preferred configurations?

Like most cargo van models, the Ram Promaster is available in a variety of options and body styles to fit any possible business and recreational needs. For starters, there are different wheelbases, lengths, and heights to choose from.

The 118″ wheelbase is better suited for parking garage parking but has little room for interior height. On the other hand, the 136″ wheelbase provides more room for people to stand inside more comfortably. The 159″ wheelbase is much larger with plenty of room to fit a real bed, but its size could be difficult to park in the standard parking garages.

Another option to choose from is whether to go for the walls van or windows van. The windows version of the van is more suitable if your priority is excellent views and ventilation for passengers or campers. The downside is that you’ll need blackout curtains to enhance privacy. The walls version makes it possible to hang cabinets and shelves on the wall thereby creating more space for cargo.

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