Where or how can I sell it quickly? We’ve all found ourselves in dire need for quick cash and probably thought of selling off a car.

If you’re planning to sell yours for instant cash in Houston, TX, there are plenty of options available to you. Gone are the days when you needed to list your car in the local daily’s classified ad section to find a buyer. With the advent of the Internet, selling a car is now easier and quicker than ever!

Today, we show you five quick ways to sell a car fast in Houston, TX. We’ll also share the upsides and downsides of each so you can choose what suits you best.

Sell it to Motors on Wheels

Reputable used car dealerships provide the fastest, easiest, and most convenient way to sell a used vehicle in Houston, TX. At Motors on Wheels, we’re always searching for good used cars and trucks, ideally below 10 years old. But if you have one that’s older than this but still in great condition, we’re happy to give you an instant fair offer based on its condition.

Since 2005, we’ve been buying used cars in Houston, San Antonio, Austin, and many other cities in the State. We’ve put in place a streamlined selling and appraisal process that takes less than 30 minutes. Once you’ve proved ownership of the car, we inspect it to determine its real market value and cut you a check immediately. But that’s not all, we pay top dollar and beat nearly all big nationwide car dealerships including Carmax and Vroom.

Sell privately to a friend or family

Selling a car privately often takes a great deal of time and effort with all the advertising and haggling involved. The good news is that you’ll probably get a better deal using this method because you decide the vehicle’s value.

A few good places to start are using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Expand your reach by using hashtags, joining second-hand car sales groups, and boosting your social ads. Besides, request your friends and family to share your ads on their respective social media profiles to reach a wider audience.

Another effective way is the old good way of displaying a “For Sale” sign. For this, you might consider parking your car on busy streets to boost the chances of potential buyers spotting it.

Trade it in

Trading in a used car at a dealer is another easy solution if you’re planning to purchase another one. The first step is to visit a dealership and find out what they’re willing to offer on your car. If you accept their appraisal, use it as a down payment on your new car.

Trade-ins reduce the time and effort you’d have spent selling the car on the open market. The process is as simple as driving into a dealership showroom with your old car and driving away in a new car.

On the flip side though, trade-ins often result in very low prices as most dealerships offer wholesale values for used cars. Even so, it takes away the inconveniences that come with advertising, responding to customer inquiries, viewings, and test drives.

Sell it via instant cash offer websites

You can sell your car or truck in less time and with less effort through Instant Cash Offer websites. These websites require that you provide as much basic info about your car as possible including VIN, mileage, features, and more. You might also be required to submit some photos of your car and briefly describe its actual condition.

Instant Cash Offer services use these details to create your vehicle’s baseline market value and share it with local participating dealers. They’ll then send you a cash offer certificate that’s redeemable at any participating dealership. Your description needs to be detailed, realistic, and straightforward to get an actual online appraisal, though.

Of course, some mischievous dealers may offer a lower price when you bring your car in for the transfer of ownership documents and payment. When this happens, you have the right to back out of the deal and sell your vehicle privately.

Sell it yourself on Autotrader or Cars.com

Finally, you can choose to discount your used car’s price and sell it yourself on online sites like Autotrader and Cars.com. You’ll need to follow strict instructions on how to post the vehicle on these sites. Also, make sure to quote a price that’s below fair market value to get a buyer more quickly.

Selling a vehicle on these websites can be a hit or miss because there’s not much demand even at a bargain-basement price. A simple way to improve your chances of selling your car here is by posting good-quality pictures and writing catchy descriptions for your ads. When you find the buyer, get prepared to handle price negotiations and all the sales paperwork for the transfer of ownership.

How do I get fast cash for my car?

You possibly have an answer to this question by now. If you’re looking for a quick and convenient way to sell your old car, Motors on Wheels is probably the best option you have!

We’re the best used car dealership in Houston, TX by a mile. It’s not a coincidence that we’ve raked close to a thousand reviews on Google (mostly positive ones). We also beat all big nationwide dealers on price. Don’t believe us? Bring us a car appraisal from elsewhere in Houston and we’ll make you a better one. Guaranteed!

Stop by Motors on Wheels in Houston, TX today and get a competitive price quote for your car in minutes.