A common issue that we see a lot in Houston is cars with foggy headlights. This is mainly due to the crazy heat and direct sunlight that is unavoidable in our awesome city.

Here at Motors On Wheels, permanently repairing foggy headlights is one of the 60 point inspection items that each and every one of our newly acquired vehicles goes through. You’ll almost never see a car bought from Motors On Wheels with foggy headlights.

Here’s how NOT to do it:

  1. Don’t use baking soda
  2. Don’t use toothpaste
  3. Don’t use bug spray

These methods are sub-par and while they may remove the haziness, all it takes is one summer for it to come back. You want to be sure to do it correctly, once and for all.

The method that we use, involves the following steps (done by a Motors On Wheels professional):

  1. Taping around the headlight carefully so the operation doesn’t damage the car’s paint
  2. Using an orbital sander (you can use sand paper, around 600 grit), we carefully sand out the layer of oxidation while the water is running. This should be done very delicately. Your goal is just remove the oxidized layer without scratching the headlight
  3. Washing out all the dust and use clear coat spray to keep things clear for years to come.

Obviously, if you don’t have the right equipment this is going to take a while. Here’s a detailed video by ChrisFix that goes through the manual version of getting it fixed. We recommend his method or something similar.

If you’re about to sell your car, be sure to have its headlight cleared out first and more often than not, its value will go up by some percentage. Did you know that here at Motors On Wheels we buy cars? Just follow this link for more info and the best offer in town!

Happy cleaning!

Please note: Motors On Wheels is not responsible for any damage that you might cause to your car during this process. It’s best to let a professional handle it.