Are you searching for the easiest and most profitable way to sell your truck online for fast cash? This post is for you! Like anything else, there are multiple options available to you when you want to dispose of a truck. You can choose to sell to a used car dealership, sell privately, or trade your used truck with a new one.

Whatever the route you choose to follow, there are upsides and downsides to it. In this article, we explain four simple ways to sell your used truck for quick cash in Houston, TX.

Sell to Motor on Wheels

Motors on Wheels is a Houston-based used cars dealership that serves different parts of Texas including Sugar Land, Austin, Katy, Pearland, Galleria, San Antonio, Clear Lake, and The Woodlands.

Generally, we accept trucks that are below ten years old but if you have one that’s a little older and in great condition, we’re happy to give you an unbeatable offer for it.

Four reasons to sell your used truck to us

Super-fast procedures

We buy most used trucks in less than an hour of starting the deal. The only exception is if bank communications are required; in this case, the speed depends on how quickly or slowly your bank responds. Besides, we make it easy for you by coming to your doorstep if you are in Houston, Austin or San Antonio.

Minimal requirements

Upon visiting us, we shall only require your title if you entirely own the truck. However, we may ask for your bank details and a contract if your truck has a bank loan.

We pay more than nationwide dealers 90% of the time

We hate beating our trumpet so we recommend that you check out our Google reviews. Our quality services speak for themselves. Our customers admit that even the more popular used car dealerships including CarMax, Vroom and AutoNation do not match our offers.

We do more than giving you cash

You don’t have to worry about how to get home after you’ve sold us your truck. If you want, we give you a free ride home after getting a reasonable deal for your truck.

Sell to a nationwide dealership

When dealing with most popular nationwide used cars dealers, it’s critical to remember that their top objective is to maximize profit. This means that you’re likely to settle for way less than you’d want even when your truck’s value is justified. It’s advisable that you have a clear picture of the truck’s overall condition to strengthen your negotiations and avoid getting a raw deal.

On presenting your truck, the dealer will perform a comprehensive evaluation and offer you a quote based on the condition and any defects they may find. AutoNation and CarMax are a couple known dealers you could consider. They may not offer you the best quotes (when compared to local dealers like Motors on Wheels) but their reputation is unquestionable.

Sell privately

Selling privately comes with the benefit of setting your own terms and possibly getting a higher price than using dealers. However, what most people underestimate is the level of hassle involved when using this method.

Personal selling is recommended if you’re after keeping the lion’s share of the sale. Even so, you might end up spending more if you do not land a client quickly. You also have to have great marketing skills and sometimes spend some money if you choose to use paid advertising.

If you decide to sell your used truck privately, below are a few tips to help you sell quicker and get the best possible deal.

Polish your machine

At MoW, we focus more on your machine’s performance and general condition rather than minor scratches. That might not be the case for personal clients who want the best-looking truck. What this means is you must spend to revamp your truck and give it a fresh look.

Master negotiation skills

This is key if you have to convince potential buyers that your truck is worth the price tag you’ve attached to it. Get good at talking to people on phone, selling benefits instead of features and improving interpersonal skills that matter when talking to strangers.

Sell on social media and car selling websites

As with private selling, selling your truck on social media and other online marketplaces comes with its fair share of challenges. For example, the competition on these platforms is almost always high while it’s not easy to get noticed or fetch a good price for your vehicle.

One of the few advantages of using this method though is that online platforms expose you to a very specific market comprising potential buyers intending to buy.

If you’re looking for ways to speed up your selling process, below are a few simple tips you can implement now.

Use high-quality photography

To stand out in the congested platforms, you have to take the best shots of your truck. Some sellers will go as far as hiring a professional photographer.

Follow the platform’s rules

Breaking rules could lead to the termination of your membership. Therefore, be sure to read and understand them and don’t forget to provide accurate details about your truck.

Mind commissions

Some online platforms may demand a share of your sale, either through paying a membership fee or pay per sale. Having this in mind will help you price your truck accordingly to avoid making losses or selling it at a throw-away price.

Improve your marketing skills

To stand a chance to beat the competition, you have to implement superior marketing tactics including using competitive keywords and quality copywriting for your descriptions. You might also want to run ads and timed promotions to shorten the time it takes for your truck to sell.

What’s the best way to sell my truck online for fast cash?

Well, there’s no a one-fits-all answer to this question. However, we can guarantee one thing; Motors on Wheels offers you one of the highest prices for your used truck and pays you quicker than most dealerships in Houston.

If you need fast cash and have a truck in great condition that you’re looking to sell, contact us now for a quick and unbeatable deal.