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Motors On Wheels is an independent car dealership striving to alter the industry by leading the way on how buying and selling your car in houston, tx cars should be.

Our philosophy differs from your typical turn-as-much-profit-as-possible type dealerships to a more relationship oriented environment.

We have been in busine...

Core Values

People start companies for many different reasons. Some do it because their parents did it. Others do it because of their entrepreneurial skills. And, of course, some do it because no one would hire them!

Let me tell you why we did it.

In our long and enjoyable experience in the auto industry, we've come to notice that many people have an instant distrust to auto dealers. That got us thinking: Why?

After months of contemplating that question, we've reached a conclusion. Not one that we would've liked, but, nevertheless, a conclusion: We don't know why!

The truth is it doesn't matter why; as long as we know what we are about. So we started our dealership with that in mind.

We know what our moral obligations are: We only treat people like we would like to be treated.

We know what our financial obligations are: We need to turn a profit not at all costs, but only at legitimate and honest costs.

Which brings me to our core values:

  • Complete transparency: If a car had a problem, you will know about it. It makes our lives easier in the long run and gives you the peace of mind of knowing exactly what we know.
  • Success through excellence: We strive to provide you with the service you deserve. We also expect that you send us referrals! Which were about 43% of our business, last year.

We are always on an expedition to find the rest of our core values and we will never stop. We believe in reciprocal treatment and we live by it.

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