Where To Sell My Car in Katy TX?

“I wanted to sell my car in Katy TX and Motors on Wheels bought my car at a great price!  They even gave me a ride home!”

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“I searched for sell my car Katy and Motors On Wheels came up & paid me more than CARMAX! Thank youuuu!” - Customer From Katy TX

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 Free Ride Home

We will give you a FREE ride home… anywhere in Houston… If You're in Katy Texas (or close), we will COME TO YOU!

 Over 12 Years In Business

We're a solid dealership with strong financial backing. Established in 2006. And we plan to be in business until 2050!

 5 Minutes of paperwork

We've bought MORE than 2700 cars & know how to cut you a check… and... do all the paperwork in less than 30 minutes.

 We Will Beat Offers

Do you have an offer from someone else? Bring it over -- and we'll make you a better one!-- Try us!


Q- Do you guys buy cars outside of Katy?


Q- What do I need to bring with me to sell my car?

If you own the car outright, just bring your car title (& any copies of it)

If there's a lean on your car (bank financing), bring the car's registration that is in your name. That's it!

Q- Why am I here?

You probably searched for sell my car Katy and a big part of our business is buying cars at competitive rates.

Recently Bought From People Like You

2005 Pontiac Sunfire Coupe
89,340 Miles

Owner wanted to sell it because he needed cash immediately for an emergency situation. We wrote him a check in no time.

2004 BMW 3-Series 325i Sedan
107,724 Miles

The owner got a new job in California and had to move there on a short notice. We bought her car and helped her find a moving company. We're just nice like that :)

2010 Toyota Avalon XL
64,071 Miles

Payments couldn't be afforded on this car anymore so the owner wanted to sell it and sit on the cash for a while. We paid off her bank & relieved her of payments.

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“I was moving to New Orleans and wanted to sell my car in Katy fast. Motors On Wheels did an awesome job! Thanks!" -Jill from Katy, TX

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