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Motors On Wheels is an independent car dealership striving to alter the industry by leading the way on how buying and selling your car in houston, tx cars should be.

Our philosophy differs from your typical turn-as-much-profit-as-possible type dealerships to a more relationship oriented environment.

We have been in busine...

The Way We Do Things

At Motors On Wheels, we strive to find you the best deal we can possibly put our hands on by searching our vast network of connections, which includes auto auctions, wholesale dealers, auto collectors and many many others.

People have used our services with confidence and have always praised us on the way we run our business. That alone, makes us proud of our dealership and pushes us to satisfy more people. About 80% of our business is referrals.

Whether an inexpensive college beetle or a luxurious car for your Sunday cruises, we can find you what you are looking for.

To summarize:

We don't play games; we let you know the price right away, not after hours of haggling and mind games.
We don't waste your time; one person will work with you from start to finish.
We provide security; we inspect and recondition cars that need minor work.
We make car buying seamless; we try to be helpful, not pushy.
We'd like to thank you for visiting our site. Please check out our inventory section to see how we can make you one of our satisfied customers.