Motors On Wheels is one of the best used car dealerships in Houston and an independent used car provider striving to alter the industry by leading the way on how buying and selling your car in houston, tx cars should be.

Our philosophy differs from your typical turn-as-much-profit-as-possible type dealerships to a more relationship oriented environment.

Motors On Wheels is one of the main CARVANA Competitors in Houston, TX. People come to us for a better deal from all over Texas. Getting the cash out of a pre-owned car sometimes just simply boils down to working with the best Houston car buying dealership. Don’t think that a computerized system can beat our real human appraisers. Motors On Wheels Buyers almost always come on top.

“I’ve been all over the place trying to sell my car, including CARVANA to get an appraisal for my car and just waiting there for hours almost changed my mind about selling my car. But then I googled ‘beat my CARVANA offer’ and Motors On Wheels came up. It was easy as pie from there!” See more of our reviews on google.

We Beat CARVANA offers on Cars Like This

    Places Where We Buy Cars

    Houston & Surrounding Area
    Austin & Surrounding Area
    San Antonio & Surrounding Area

    What Paperwork Do I need to Bring To Sell My Car

    If you own the car outright, just bring your car title (& any copies of it). If you have an offer from CARVANA, bring it with you as well.

    If there’s a lean on your car (bank financing), bring the car’s registration that is in your name. That’s it.

    Once you’ve filled out the application below and you’re at our location we’ll take the process from there and get you out of here with a check in less than an hour.

    p.s If your car has a loan on it, the process might take a bit longer based on your bank’s responsiveness.

    “I was moving to New Orleans from Austin and wanted to sell my car fast. Motors On Wheels did an awesome job! Thanks!” -Jill from Austing, TX

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